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Emmanuel College is offering ONE-YEAR Graduate Assistantships in the Athletic Department. The program will provide students the opportunity to gain real-world experience with intercollegiate sports, while earning a master’s degree in Exercise Science and a certification in NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or ACSM-Exercise Physiologist Certification.

Our Master of Exercise Science program is one-year and will start August 29 along with the Graduate Assistant Position. 

Compensation: 50% tuition discount will be provided to the Graduate Assistant. 

Duties of this program include: 

  • Conduct programs in accordance with the NCAA regulations, Conference Carolinas guidelines, and within the philosophy of Emmanuel College. 
  • Provide a positive atmosphere that promotes a sense of fairness, organization, commitment, motivation, accomplishment, and fun. 
  • Accept responsibility for the behavior of the team during practices, contests, and any other team related activities. 
  • Teach, assist, and instruct aspects of strength and conditioning. 
  • Teach, assist, and instruct aspects of nutrition. 
  • Teach, assist, and instruct aspects of player development. 
  • Teach, assist, and instruct aspects of achieving high academic performance. 
  • All other duties as assigned by the head coach 

Application Process

More information about the program can be found online at: https://online.ec.edu/master-of-science-in-exercise-science/. There are two concentrations: 

  1. Strength Training and Conditioning 
  2. Health and Human Performance 

Candidates can apply for FREE online at https://online.ec.edu 

Please be prepared to submit: 

  • Resume or CV 
  • Undergraduate Transcripts 
  • 2-Page Essay – Prompt: Share your personal commitment to the profession, reasons for obtaining a master’s degree, future professional goals, experience related to the sport you are wanting to work with, and statement of faith. 

If you have any questions, you can email the graduate program coordinator, Jesse Kemmerer at jesse.kemmerer@ec.edu 

Candidates must be accepted into the master’s program before they can be assigned a sport in the graduate assistant program. 

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