North Central College – Men’s and Women’s Graduate Assistant


North Central College is a Division 3 Institution in Naperville, Illinois located 30 miles from Chicago. The position will include the following responsibilities:

-Recruit academically and athletically capable Student-Athletes that mold the culture of NCC Tennis
-Travel and contact prospective Student-Athletes at High School, USTA, and other tennis events
-Assist in coaching at group practices, individual practices, and team matches and events.
-Racquet Stringing and other minor court and facility maintenance.
-Aspirations in college coaching as a career path preferred, but not required.

Job Requirements:Education/Training: Admission into a graduate degree program at North Central College. Graduate programs that best compliment this assistantship are Master of Business Administration and Leadership Studies. A valid Driver’s License.

The link for the position is located here:
Please note that you must be accepted into a grad program to be considered for the position. Please contact Ryan Jump at with any questions.
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