Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Team Rankings — March 3, 2020


The top five teams in the country saw a major shakeup, but North Carolina held firm at the top of the rankings.

Ohio State moved up to No. 2 after taking down the Seminoles 4-3 in a match that lasted over four hours. The Seminoles moved down to No. 4 in the rankings. UCLA rounded out the top three after rising from last week’s No. 8 ranking.

The Oracle ITA Division I Women’s Singles Rankings and Oracle ITA Division I Women’s Doubles Rankings were also released on Tuesday.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Rankings

Top 50 National Teams
Computerized Rankings administered by the ITA
March 3, 2020

RankTeamAvgPrev. Rank
1North Carolina89.641
2Ohio State University70.5095
4Florida State University66.52
5NC State64.1273
6University of Texas at Austin614
7University of Georgia60.6989
8Georgia Tech58.710
10University of Virginia55.72913
11Duke University53.6547
12Oklahoma State University48.27514
13Princeton University4811
14Wake Forest University43.51912
15University of Michigan39.82516
17Vanderbilt University36.53120
18University of Central Florida32.83325
19Arizona State University31.64226
20University of Miami (Florida)30.91918
21University of Wisconsin, Madison30.32722
22University of South Carolina28.82530
23Syracuse University28.68444
24University of Notre Dame27.85515
26University of Mississippi26.52224
27Baylor University25.3119
28Columbia University25.21921
29Northwestern University25.06841
30University of Washington22.96828
31University of Kansas22.95650
32Old Dominion University22.21429
33University of Tennessee21.96423
34University of Kentucky21.74739
35Furman University20.89337
36Texas A&M University20.15927
37University of Southern California19.07731
38University of Florida18.164NR
39Washington State University18.12543
40University of San Diego17.74632
41Virginia Tech17.35340
42Texas Tech University16.447NR
43Yale University15.9735
44University Of Utah14.97145
45University of Denver14.91334
46Boston College13.632NR
47Clemson University13.57642
48Iowa State University12.857NR
49University of Arkansas12.114NR
T50Auburn University12.07848
T50UC Santa Barbara12.078NR
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