Former UCLA tennis player Joseph Di Giulio is devoted to helping college tennis coaches prepare themselves financially for their future.

Joseph has dedicated a large portion of his financial practice to working with the tennis community with an emphasis on college coaches, private coaches, club directors, and academy owners. In this webinar, Joseph will take college coaches through how they can maximize their benefits packages, where some holes might exist in these packages, the importance of investing regardless of your income. Coaches will be able to ask any questions they might have about planning for their future.

About Joseph Di Giulio

Joseph Di Giulio, a comprehensive financial planner with True Path Financial, specializes in working with families, individuals, and businesses across the country. Joseph was individually ranked number one in the country in the 14s and 16s with his largest title in the 16s coming at the Easter Bowl. After finishing his junior career as a blue chip recruit, Joseph went on to receive a scholarship to UCLA where he played all four years in singles and doubles for the team. Joseph received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA in 2017 going on to become a financial planner based in Newport Beach, California.

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