Colgate University – Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach


Job Category – Athletic Staff Coach/Trainer

Position Title – Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach (10 month position with benefits)

Full Time/Part Time – Full Time, Division – Athletics, Department Tennis

Colgate Athletics Mission – To be an inclusive community of competitive excellence.

Athletics Department Values

  • Thoughtful – Careful, reasoned, inclusive thinking.
  • Driven – Relentless, energetic, focused pursuit of a courageous goal.
  • Enthusiastic – Passionate, positive, fun presence.
  • Cohesive – Close-knit, collaborative, consistent teamwork.
  • Bold – Creative, resourceful, fearless winners.

Colgate University, a NCAA Division I member, invites applications for the position of Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach. Responsibilities will include assisting in the administration of all phases of our intercollegiate tennis program. This will include, but not be limited to coaching, recruiting budget management, and public affairs.


Responsible for the execution of specific strategic activities and outcomes within the assigned sport or area. This will include sustained performance and execution in the following areas:
• Adherence to Head Coach’s philosophy
• Athletic instruction/coaching
• Program operations and administration as designated by head coach

Responsible for oversight of all administrative operations regarding student-athlete development. These will include:
• Monitoring of student-athlete academic progress and well-being
• Ensure student-athlete participation in all assigned community service activities

Responsible for the execution of all scouting, film preparation, and competition preparation. These will include:
• Video breakdown
• Use of appropriate video-editing software
• Coordination and oversight over film exchange program per conference policies
• Coordination of team film sessions
• Development of scouting reports

Responsible for overall team recruitment strategy: • Exercises independent judgment regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes. • Decision-making authority to determine which individuals to recruit
• Attracting and evaluating prospective student-athletes
• Monitoring prospective student-athlete academic progress and well being
• Developing and maintaining relationships with prospective student-athletes and other recruiting constituents

Accountable for maintaining personal compliance with all relevant governing bodies to include:
• Patriot League specific conference
• Athletic department
• University policies
• Successful completion of the annual NCAA recruiting exam
• Attendance at all required compliance educational meetings
• Successful on-time completion of all recruiting logs

Accountable for maintaining professional relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. To include:
• Responsible for all newsletters and communication with alumni
• Responsible for team promotion and marketing to all constituents
• Responsible for determining communication strategy within university and local community
• Independent and unchallengeable decision-making regarding all student-athlete participation in assigned sport activities when head coach is not present. Accountable for student-athlete welfare while coaching
• Responsible for maintaining a budget. Exercises independent discretion on all purchases and budgetary decisions for program
• Responsible for hiring, oversight and management of student managers and part-time casual wage staff. Assistant Coach has independent discretion on all hiring and termination of student employees and part-time casual wage staff
• Responsible for role modeling behaviors and leadership for student-athletes

Technical Competencies

Recruiting – Demonstrated ability to identify and evaluate best-fit prospective student-athletes. Demonstrated ability to attract desired student-athletes to the University. Demonstrated ability to build and maintain productive relationships with prospective student-athletes and key influencers.

Student-athlete development, management and instruction – Demonstrated ability of consistently improving individual student-athlete performance. Demonstrated expertise within a specific sport sufficient to adhere to head coach’s strategy. Demonstrated ability to execute strategy, including pre-game preparation, instruction and game management.

Compliance – Demonstrated knowledge and ability to comply with NCAA, conference and institutional regulations.

Stakeholder Relations – Demonstrated ability to work constructively with a diverse population of internal and external stakeholders and contribute to an environment of inclusivity.

Budget and finance – Ability to adhere to budget.

Behavioral Competencies

Personal Accountability for Results – Takes responsibility for decisions, performance, and outcomes; behaves in a responsible manner with a positive attitude; shows self-awareness and openness to feedback.

Effective Communication – Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills; shares information and seeks input from others; adapts communication to diverse audiences; protects private and confidential information.

Problem Solving and Decision Making – Analyzes and prioritizes situations to identify and solve problems; generates solutions to improve efficiency and quality; involves others in solving problems and making decisions; factors organizational goals into decisions; makes clear, transparent, and timely decisions.

Change Management – Responds positively to changing university initiatives and readily adapts behavior to maintain effective performance; understands the long-term direction of the university and can relate this to departmental area; adapts to new methodologies; identifies and acts on areas where change is appropriate. 

Leadership and Teamwork – Applies skills and knowledge to provide a climate to achieve departmental and organizational success; balances individual and department goals; helps others perform at their best; builds productive relationships to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness; treats others with respect; resolves conflicts among team members.

Creativity and Innovation – Generates, explores, encourages, and implements innovative ways of creating strategic value for the university, division, department, and individual level; critically assesses the effectiveness of new initiatives. 

Diversity and Inclusion – Demonstrates respect for people and their differences; understands the benefits of a diverse workforce; earns the trust and respect of others; includes and welcomes others; works to understand the perspective of others; promotes opportunities to experience diversity within our community. 

Sustainability – Understands the impact of decision making and personal behavior in achieving the university’s commitment to a sustainable and carbon-neutral campus; supports and advances the university’s sustainability initiatives; influences others to use sustainable practices. 


  • Significant knowledge of tennis 
  • Proven success in recruiting and in coaching at the college level 
  • Strong commitment to the academic success of student-athletes. 
  • Knowledge and commitment to University, Conference and NCAA regulations. 
  • Good communication and technology skills and strong leadership qualities. 
  • Strong playing experience

Preferred Qualifications

Education – Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred

Certifications – A current valid driver’s license, in accordance with the University’s Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy is required. 

Physical Requirements 

Colgate University is committed to the principle of institutional control in administering its athletics program in a manner consistent with the NCAA, ECAC, and Patriot League rules. 

Each individual involved in the athletics division is obligated to maintain competency and knowledge of the rules, to act within his or her realm of responsibility in full compliance with the governing legislation, and to report any violation of NCAA, ECAC or Patriot League rules of which he or she is aware. 

Should a situation warrant further investigation, you have an affirmative obligation to cooperate fully in the infractions process, including the investigation and adjudication of a case. 

Without limiting remedies otherwise available to the university, if you are found to be in violation of any NCAA, ECAC or Patriot League rules, you may be subject to disciplinary or corrective action as set forth in relevant NCAA, league or conference disciplinary and/or enforcement procedures, including suspension without pay or termination of employment for significant or repeated violations.

Job Open Date 06/11/2020 

Open Until Filled Yes 

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