Princeton Day School – Varsity Boy’s Head Coach


Princeton Day School seeks a varsity boys’ tennis coach and head of program. Our next coach will build upon a tradition of excellence and lead the program forward in developing individual and team success.   The successful applicant will have an expert knowledge of the sport of tennis, the ability to properly condition athletes in a healthy and safe way, and the ability to structure practices and games in a competitive and positive manner.  The applicant will be expected to demonstrate excellent administrative and communication skills for interaction with players and families as well as the ability to create and maintain a sense of program from middle school to varsity teams.  In addition, experience playing and coaching tennis at a high level, college and/or high school experience, is strongly preferred.


  • Formulates objectives for the upcoming sport season.
  • Actively recruits prospective student-athletes to Princeton Day School by attending tournaments, camps, Middle School games, and maintaining relationships with key club and Middle School area coaches.
  • Coordinates with the College Counseling Office and works with college coaches to assist student-athletes interested in pursuing collegiate athletics.
  • Keeps abreast of new ideas and techniques by attending clinics and workshops, researching in his/her field and encouraging the assistant coaches to do the same.
  • Remains knowledgeable of rules and regulations concerning his/her sport, and keeps abreast of changes.
  • Adheres to proper procedures for out-of-season practices according to state high school association guidelines.
  • Adheres to the rules and regulations of Princeton Day School.
  • Remains active in professional organizations such as the state coach’s association.
  • Selects and maintains equipment and keeps an accurate inventory.


Before Season:

  • Works with the Athletic Director to ensure all positions have been staffed within the boys tennis program.
  • Assists the Athletic Trainer with ensuring all athletes are cleared for participation.
  • Reviews the School’s policy on accident reporting and insurance procedures.
  • Clarifies the award policy with athletes.
  • Selects and instructs team managers on proper care of equipment, facilities, and other duties as assigned.
  • Checks arrangement for all bus/van trips with the Athletic Director.
  • Administers a pre-season parent meeting and clarifies all rules, regulations and expectations for the upcoming season.
  • Organizes and chairs a pre-season meeting with the complete boys tennis staff.
  • Distributes the practice schedule for the entire program. 

During Season:

  • Actively participates in the Admissions Program by meeting with prospective student-athletes and their families.
  • Assumes responsibility for ongoing care of equipment and facilities being used.
  • Assumes supervisory control over all phases of teams in the program.
  • Organizes and schedules practice sessions on a regular basis with the idea of developing the athlete’s greatest potential.
  • Applies discipline in a firm and positive manner as outlined in the athletic policy.
  • Ensures that facility regulations are understood and enforced.
  • Emphasize safety precautions and use accepted training and injury procedures.
  • Conducts oneself and teams in an ethical manner during practice and in contests.
  • Reports outcome of contests to the media and the Athletic Director in a timely fashion.
  • Instructs players on rules and rule changes, and new ideas and techniques.
  • Provides the Athletic Director with a copy of all general correspondence and bulletins to student athletes and parents.
  • Accompanies and directs the varsity team and assistant coaches, in all interscholastic activities.
  • Attends all Athletic Department, League and C.I.F. scheduled meetings.

End of Season:

  • Arranges for the systematic return of all school equipment/uniforms and holds the athlete responsible for all equipment/uniforms not returned.
  • Arranges for cleaning, storing and conducting an inventory of all equipment/uniforms.
  • Recommends student athletes who have fulfilled requirements for athletic letters, certificates or special awards.
  • Recommends additions and/or improvements for the care and maintenance of facilities.
  • Recommends personnel for assistant coaching positions to the Athletic Director.
  • Submits recommendations for schedule for next year.
  • Selects equipment and makes recommendations for purchases.
  • Prepares a budget, in conjunction with the Athletic Director.
  • Maintains records of team and individual accomplishments.
  • Evaluates past season.
  • Evaluates all assistant coaches under his/her supervision.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume and references to

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