The Oracle ITA Singles Rankings debuted a largely new top five players. Texas A&M’s Valetin Vacherot (prev. No. 4) is the only student-athlete that remained in the top five of the rankings.

Coming in at No. 1 is Vacherot’s teammate Hady Habib. The Aggie holds wins over two of the players in this week’s top five — Duarte Vale and Daniel Rodrigues. South Carolina’s Daniel Rodrigues shot up 29 spots to enter the top three of the rankings. On Sunday, Rodrigues posted a straight-set victory over UNC’s Blumberg.

The Oracle ITA Division I Men’s Team Rankings and Doubles Rankings were also released Wednesday.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings

Top 125 National Singles
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
March 24, 2021

1Hady HabibTexas A&M University14-359.746
2Duarte ValeUniversity of Florida19-351.077
3Daniel RodriguesUniversity of South Carolina19-548.333
4Gabriel DecampsUCF10-147.895
5Valentin VacherotTexas A&M University15-443.557
6Carl SöderlundUniversity of Virginia8-243.468
7Andy AndradeUniversity of Florida20-335.503
8Henri SquireWake Forest University11-335.397
9Matias SotoBaylor University13-235
10Luc FombaTCU16-634.389
11Alastair GrayTCU9-433.445
12Finn ReynoldsUniversity of Mississippi8-632.966
13Alexis GalarneauNC State9-231.667
14Riley SmithUniversity of Southern California11-330.147
15Sam RifficeUniversity of Florida18-527.493
16Adam WaltonUniversity Of Tennessee13-826.893
17Johannus MondayUniversity Of Tennessee25-526.882
18Micah BraswellUniversity of Texas29-225.636
19Cannon KingsleyOhio State University18-024.5
20Trent BrydeUniversity of Georgia10-1024.321
21Jeffrey Von Der SchulenburgUniversity of Virginia12-223.907
22Liam DraxlUniversity of Kentucky14-123.885
23John McNallyOhio State University14-223.308
24Rinky HijikataNorth Carolina8-123
25Andres MartinGeorgia Tech12-522.461
26Daniel CukiermanUniversity of Southern California7-421.429
27Aleksandar KovacevicUniversity of Illinois4-021.3
28Zeke ClarkUniversity of Illinois11-120.357
29Philip HenningUniversity of Georgia13-920.294
30Gustaf StromUniversity of Arizona12-020.16
31Blaise BicknellUniversity of Florida21-019.84
32Eliot SpizzirriUniversity of Texas18-618.878
33Hamish StewartTulane University10-318.144
34Adria Soriano BarreraUniversity of Miami (Florida)5-517.317
35Francisco RochaMiddle Tennessee18-615.458
36Nikola SlavicUniversity of Mississippi9-515.359
37Sander JongTCU8-515.325
38Eduardo NavaWake Forest University10-315.034
39August HolmgrenUniversity Of San Diego8-114.959
40Martim PrataUniversity Of Tennessee18-1014.866
41Brian CernochNorth Carolina9-214.861
42Tyler SticeAuburn University14-914.64
43Florian BroskaMississippi State University13-1114.493
44Matej VocelOklahoma State University7-214.102
45Chase FergusonUniversity of South Florida6-613.928
46Gabriel DialloUniversity of Kentucky14-513.846
47Giovanni OradiniMississippi State University6-713.834
48Keegan SmithUCLA6-113.818
49Alexandre RibeiroVirginia Tech4-413.631
50Ondrej StylerUniversity of Michigan10-513.12
51Nathan PonwithArizona State University12-312.947
52Marcus McDanielGeorgia Tech12-412.843
53William BlumbergNorth Carolina5-112.745
54Siphosothando MontsiUniversity of Illinois10-012.64
55Stefan DostanicUniversity of Southern California10-212.456
56Nemanja MalesevicMississippi State University16-911.907
57Drew BairdUCLA4-211.773
58Benjamin SigouinNorth Carolina5-411.193
59Jonas ZivertsUniversity of Arizona7-511.031
60Bjorn HoffmanUC Irvine5-210.623
61Ronnie HohmannLSU10-1010.512
62Davide TortoraMississippi State University12-410.355
63Sergio Hernandez RamirezUniversity of Louisville8-310.166
64Olle WallinCharlotte9-210.03
65Tim SandkaulenUniversity of Mississippi10-139.883
66Barnaby SmithTexas A&M University9-29.784
67Adrian OetzbachPepperdine5-59.669
68Tyler ZinkUniversity of Georgia9-89.58
69Jacob WojcikUniversity of South Florida10-49.563
70Toby SamuelUniversity of South Carolina19-59.537
71Noah SchachterTexas A&M University15-109.49
72Dimitri BadraEast Tennessee State University11-39.46
73Kody PearsonUniversity of Tulsa8-69.134
74Simon SoendergaardNorth Carolina6-18.661
75Carlos KelaidisClemson University5-48.495
76Janmagnus JohnsonFlorida Gulf Coast University3-48.453
77Alexander StaterCal Poly10-38.297
78Gianni RossUniversity of Virginia7-38.16
79Connor ThomsonUniversity of South Carolina15-108.066
80Giles HusseyUniversity Of Tennessee23-48.024
81Ignasi De RuedaCharlotte10-77.953
82Joshua GoodgerUniversity of Florida13-07.56
83Clement ChidekhUniversity of Washington12-17.496
84Joshua LapadatUniversity of Kentucky7-77.407
85Siem WoldeabUniversity of Texas8-107.379
86Robert KrillUniversity of Wisconsin5-37.337
87Raphael LamblingUniversity of South Carolina8-157.333
88JJ TracyOhio State University15-27.255
89Juan Carlos AguilarTexas A&M University12-87.11
90Adrian BoitanBaylor University8-47.02
91Axel NefveUniversity of Notre Dame11-36.942
92Garrett JohnsDuke University7-46.874
93Nick BeatyUniversity of Michigan12-36.848
94Edu GuellDuke University5-86.767
95Jacob FearnleyTCU8-36.625
96Matthis RossVirginia Tech8-76.624
97Rafa Izquierdo LuqueNC State8-66.57
98Inaki Montes De La TorreUniversity of Virginia9-36.557
99David StevensonUniversity of Memphis5-66.493
100Bastien HuonCoastal Carolina University6-06.4
101Andrew ZhangDuke University9-26.176
102Zhe ZhouUniversity of Alabama12-146.162
103Edson OrtizUniversity of Alabama11-96.029
104Gabriel HuberUniversity of Wisconsin7-55.989
105Mason BeilerUniversity of Oklahoma12-115.899
T106Emile HuddOklahoma State University7-45.714
T106Robert CashOhio State University14-25.714
108Pierce RollinsTexas A&M University9-65.518
109Mattias SiimarUniversity of Michigan10-55.486
110Jake Van EmburghUniversity of Oklahoma7-85.455
111Stijn SlumpMiddle Tennessee12-65.424
112Kyle SeeligOhio State University11-65.327
113Taha BaadiWake Forest University7-65.153
114Spencer FurmanBaylor University13-35.128
115Joel GamerovUniversity Of Tennessee6-55.022
116Dominik BartonUniversity of North Florida5-64.969
117Pat HarperUniversity Of Tennessee12-34.937
118James StoryUniversity of Memphis5-44.931
119Alex BrownUniversity of Illinois5-84.929
120Mikael VollbachNorthern Illinois University14-04.92
121Tomas JirousekTCU5-34.877
122Lodewijk WeststrateUniversity of Southern California17-14.748
123Nick BrookesNorthwestern University9-34.703
124Andrew FentyUniversity of Michigan10-64.548
125Millen HurrionUniversity of Kentucky13-54.487
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