Another ranking release, another week with the Tar Heels on top. The rest of the top ten programs saw some slight reordering. The Vols rose two spots to No. 3 in the nation, while the Horned Frogs slid into the five-spot. Ole Miss and South Carolina broke into the top 10 at No. 9 and No. 10, respectively.

Some of the programs entering the rankings this week are No. 43 Liberty, No. 44 Ball State, No. 49 UNC Wilmington, and No. 50 Western Michigan.

The Oracle ITA Division I Men’s Singles Rankings and Doubles Rankings were also released Wednesday.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings

Top 50 National Teams
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
March 24, 2021

1North Carolina11-090.54
2University of Florida14-183.154
3University Of Tennessee17-279.462
4Baylor University19-376.364
6University of Virginia13-269.113
7University of Texas13-369
8Texas A&M University11-465.952
9University of Mississippi7-753.231
10University of South Carolina10-651.774
11Mississippi State University12-549.576
12Wake Forest University19-449.407
13University of Georgia8-548.443
14University of Illinois10-248.255
15University of Southern California12-445.339
16Ohio State University11-243.089
17Arizona State University13-338.2
18Oklahoma State University6-538.091
19University of Arizona15-437.963
20University of Kentucky14-337.903
21NC State9-533.793
22Texas Tech University10-232.812
23Tulane University10-532.486
24University of Oklahoma8-831.447
25University of Michigan8-131.412
28University of Memphis7-529
29University of South Florida10-426.273
30University of Tulsa9-726.071
31University of Arkansas8-624.5
32University of Alabama11-824.231
33University of Notre Dame9-722.725
34Wichita State University9-522.538
35Georgia Tech9-621.972
36Duke University7-521.945
37Northern Illinois University15-120.78
38Virginia Tech8-520.423
T39Virginia Commonwealth University10-120.296
41Northwestern University7-419.538
42University of Miami (Florida)4-719.425
43Liberty University11-519.056
44Ball State University9-316.973
45University of Denver8-216.946
46Middle Tennessee11-516.228
47Auburn University6-1016.093
49UNC Wilmington7-215.583
50Western Michigan University15-115.351
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