The Florida Gators dethroned the Tar Heels this week in the Oracle ITA Division I Men’s Team Rankings. Moving up one spot from No. 2, the Gators are the new top team in the nation. They continued to add to their resume last week and swept Arkansas (prev. No. 31) in Gainesville. On Sunday, the Heels suffered their first loss of the season. They fell 6-1 to Virginia (prev. No. 6) — the sole win coming at No. 6 by Mac Kiger in three sets.

The Aggies also continued to climb in the rankings — moving from No. 8 to No. 6. A&M added two wins to their resume last week – including a commanding 5-2 victory over TCU (prev. No. 6).

The Oracle ITA Division I Men’s Singles Rankings and Doubles Rankings were also released Tuesday.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings

Top 50 National Teams
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
March 30, 2021

1University of Florida15-186.269
2North Carolina13-184.942
3University Of Tennessee19-280.519
4University of Virginia15-278.315
5Baylor University21-377.167
6Texas A&M University13-470.721
7University of Texas14-369.679
9University of Mississippi8-756.672
10University of South Carolina11-652.721
11University of Georgia10-552.373
12University of Illinois12-252.2
14Wake Forest University21-449.967
15Mississippi State University12-649.65
16University of Southern California14-548.545
17University of Arizona17-439.831
18Oklahoma State University7-639.155
19Ohio State University13-237.965
20University of Oklahoma8-935.622
21Texas Tech University11-235.556
22University of Kentucky14-535.303
23Arizona State University13-533.056
24University of Michigan9-232.537
25Tulane University10-532.443
26NC State10-632.424
27University of Memphis7-531.68
29Georgia Tech10-725.803
30University of Tulsa9-825.698
32Virginia Commonwealth University11-124.426
33Virginia Tech9-624.085
34Wichita State University12-524.026
35University of Alabama11-823.205
37University of South Florida11-622.895
38Middle Tennessee13-522.646
39University of Arkansas8-920.92
40Liberty University13-520.247
41Duke University7-719.63
42University of Notre Dame9-819.571
43University of Denver9-319.066
44Northern Illinois University17-118.367
45University of Miami (Florida)4-718.046
46Ball State University12-316.931
47Northwestern University8-516.472
49University of Oregon13-216.034
50Western Michigan University15-115.298
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