During last week’s pause of the Division I singles and doubles rankings, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association conducted meetings with our staff, coaches, ITA coach governance committees, conference officials, and the NCAA regarding steps for moving forward.
The following points were major takeaways from those conversations:

  • There is agreement that this pandemic year has been and continues to be an “unusual” year and that these types of rankings and selections issues are affecting multiple NCAA sports, not just tennis.
  • Strength in leadership can manifest itself through prudent reflection in evaluating an institution’s normal procedures, especially during an unprecedented year like 2021.
  • It remains clear that there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue concerning identifying rankings outliers and how to properly address these players.
  • A simple solution that attempts to balance all of the various interests and includes consensus support is currently not available.

The ITA will continue the publishing of computer team, singles and doubles rankings along with the ITA Coaches Team Poll. We should note that the NCAA has requested the Coaches Team Poll for the purpose of review and in the spirit of transparency, we have decided to continue publishing that poll. It is also important to note that, at this point, the NCAA has not requested any other new metrics regarding singles and doubles rankings outside of historical data.

The Oracle ITA Division I Men’s Team Rankings and Doubles Rankings were also released Wednesday.

Oracle ITA Rankings Logo

Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings

Top 125 National Singles
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
April 14, 2021

1Liam DraxlUniversity of Kentucky19-265.081
2Daniel RodriguesUniversity of South Carolina22-655.455
3Gabriel DecampsUCF16-354.8
4Duarte ValeUniversity of Florida22-454.631
5Valentin VacherotTexas A&M University19-549.191
6Carl SöderlundUniversity of Virginia10-248.406
7Hady HabibTexas A&M University14-448.393
8Alastair GrayTCU12-542.342
9Sam RifficeUniversity of Florida21-638.391
10Johannus MondayUniversity Of Tennessee29-637.861
11Henri SquireWake Forest University13-537.628
12Trent BrydeUniversity of Georgia13-1235.913
13Andy AndradeUniversity of Florida22-534.129
14Finn ReynoldsUniversity of Mississippi10-833.67
15Luc FombaTCU19-732.917
16Matias SotoBaylor University15-332.272
17Adam WaltonUniversity Of Tennessee15-930.75
18Philip HenningUniversity of Georgia18-930.476
19Alexis GalarneauNC State9-327.6
20Eliot SpizzirriUniversity of Texas21-827.489
21Gabriel DialloUniversity of Kentucky18-627.416
22Marcus McDanielGeorgia Tech15-525.472
23Gustaf StromUniversity of Arizona15-125.456
24Jeffrey Von Der SchulenburgUniversity of Virginia14-223.228
25Connor ThomsonUniversity of South Carolina18-1123.096
26Micah BraswellUniversity of Texas32-421.622
27Nikola SlavicUniversity of Mississippi12-721.484
28Tyler SticeAuburn University16-1221.378
29Riley SmithUniversity of Southern California14-520.43
30Hamish StewartTulane University11-620.421
31Tyler ZinkUniversity of Georgia11-920.204
32Eduardo NavaWake Forest University16-319.353
33Giovanni OradiniMississippi State University9-1018.897
34Adria Soriano BarreraUniversity of Miami (Florida)7-518.879
35Axel NefveUniversity of Notre Dame15-318.608
36Arthur FeryStanford University9-218.255
37Keegan SmithUCLA13-218.196
38William BlumbergNorth Carolina9-317.97
39Rinky HijikataNorth Carolina10-217.912
40Andres MartinGeorgia Tech14-717.67
41Florian BroskaMississippi State University16-1316.68
42Daniel CukiermanUniversity of Southern California11-516.4
43Millen HurrionUniversity of Kentucky17-716.154
44Jacob WojcikUniversity of South Florida15-516.117
45Juan Carlos AguilarTexas A&M University14-1015.979
46Tim SandkaulenUniversity of Mississippi12-1615.893
47Edson OrtizUniversity of Alabama13-1015.274
48Ronnie HohmannLSU11-1215.176
49Inaki Montes De La TorreUniversity of Virginia11-315.101
50James StoryUniversity of Memphis7-414.964
51Alexandre RibeiroVirginia Tech4-414.857
52Blaise BicknellUniversity of Florida26-014.783
53Adrian BoitanBaylor University12-414.688
54Matej VocelOklahoma State University9-514.309
55Francisco RochaMiddle Tennessee State University20-714.174
56Dimitri BadraEast Tennessee State University15-414.009
57Fabien SalleUniversity of Louisville10-213.355
58Martim PrataUniversity Of Tennessee20-1213.079
59Raphael LamblingUniversity of South Carolina10-1712.968
60Chase FergusonUniversity of South Florida9-912.116
61Zeke ClarkUniversity of Illinois17-111.884
62Govind NandaUCLA7-111.677
63George HarwellVanderbilt University13-1611.59
64Murkel DellienWichita State University12-211.459
65Nemanja MalesevicMississippi State University20-1111.391
66Brian CernochNorth Carolina13-411.135
67Janmagnus JohnsonFlorida Gulf Coast University8-411.129
68August HolmgrenUniversity Of San Diego11-310.946
69Zhe ZhouUniversity of Alabama14-1510.877
70Davide TortoraMississippi State University13-510.85
71Sergio Hernandez RamirezUniversity of Louisville11-410.715
72Sander JongTCU8-810.406
73Mason BeilerUniversity of Oklahoma15-139.85
74Richard CiamarraUniversity of Notre Dame12-69.765
75Olle WallinCharlotte9-29.703
76Rafa Izquierdo LuqueNC State8-79.541
77Benjamin SigouinNorth Carolina8-69.171
78Matthis RossVirginia Tech9-108.975
79Lleyton CronjeVirginia Commonwealth University9-38.939
80Adrian OetzbachPepperdine8-78.535
81Siem WoldeabUniversity of Texas11-128.507
82Kody PearsonUniversity of Tulsa11-78.494
83Patrick KaukovaltaUniversity of Alabama15-168.462
84Stefan DostanicUniversity of Southern California14-38.442
85Jonas ZivertsUniversity of Arizona8-88.408
86Aleksandar KovacevicUniversity of Illinois7-08.3
87Simon SoendergaardNorth Carolina11-28.146
88Clement MarzolUniversity of South Alabama14-48.028
89Axel GellerStanford University4-58
90Nicaise MuambaLiberty University16-47.91
91John McNallyOhio State University18-37.894
92Barnaby SmithTexas A&M University9-27.812
93Toby SamuelUniversity of South Carolina22-67.809
94Garrett JohnsDuke University7-77.719
95Nico RoussetUniversity of Arkansas13-127.693
96Ryan GoetzUniversity of Virginia12-57.55
97Cesar BourgoisUniversity of Kentucky14-57.516
98Tomas JirousekTCU6-47.364
99Giles HusseyUniversity Of Tennessee26-47.352
100Bjorn HoffmanUC Irvine8-57.168
101Sean HillBrigham Young University14-37.165
102Juan Pablo Grassi MazzuchiUCF12-57.092
103Ignasi De RuedaCharlotte14-87.036
104Julien EvrardUniversity of South Alabama13-76.884
105Joshua GoodgerUniversity of Florida16-06.867
106David StevensonUniversity of Memphis7-66.502
107Noah SchachterTexas A&M University18-136.486
108Drew BairdUCLA8-66.445
109Taha BaadiWake Forest University10-86.404
110Clement ChidekhUniversity of Washington14-46.22
111Mor BulisUniversity of Southern California4-36.169
112Siphosothando MontsiUniversity of Illinois12-26.105
113Joao CeolinUniv. of Texas at San Antonio13-36.09
114Joshua LapadatUniversity of Kentucky10-96.071
115Nathan PonwithArizona State University13-66.069
116Jacob FearnleyTCU12-46.05
117Cannon KingsleyOhio State University23-05.667
118Teodor GiuscaClemson University9-55.645
119Edu GuellDuke University8-105.644
120Pierce RollinsTexas A&M University13-85.611
121Jeremie CasabonVanderbilt University13-115.482
122Emile HuddOklahoma State University8-75.424
123Jake Van EmburghUniversity of Oklahoma8-125.361
124Cleeve HarperUniversity of Texas20-105.238
125Pat HarperUniversity Of Tennessee12-45.146
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