The final ITA Rankings before the 2021 NCAA Division I Championships have been released on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. This release includes national team, singles and doubles rankings.

The final national team rankings of the season will be released on May 26, 2021 with the final national singles & national doubles rankings of the season to be released on June 2, 2021. Regional rankings will be released at a later date to be determined.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Rankings (Computerized Rankings)

Top 50 National Teams
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
May 5, 2021

1North Carolina26-087.725
2University of Texas at Austin25-179.309
3University of Georgia20-173.765
6NC State16-556.151
7Florida State University16-555.387
8Baylor University23-452.726
10Texas A&M University19-750.255
11Georgia Tech18-1048.832
12University of Florida12-748.69
13University of Virginia14-648.309
15University of Tennessee16-846.876
16Ohio State University21-346.778
18Duke University15-643.053
19Auburn University13-840.689
20University of Michigan17-339.9
21Northwestern University18-538.971
22University of Oklahoma15-638.939
23University of Miami (Florida)14-838.932
24University of South Carolina12-1138.772
25University of Mississippi11-938.316
26University of Kentucky15-837.222
28Vanderbilt University13-934.887
29Old Dominion University12-428
30Texas Tech University15-827.975
31Arizona State University14-826.263
32Wake Forest University11-1226.078
33University of Arkansas11-1025.808
34Furman University21-625.098
35University of Southern California11-1023.252
36Iowa State University13-722.522
37Oklahoma State University11-1120.983
38Mississippi State University11-1219.452
39University of San Diego15-419.226
40Rice University15-618.245
41Florida International University (FIU)12-118.116
42Syracuse University8-1117.74
43University of Alabama12-1216.42
44University of Iowa13-716.351
46University of Tulsa15-715.966
47University of Washington15-815.925
48UC Santa Barbara13-314.791
49University of Oregon13-813.738
50University of Nebraska11-612.55
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