In the final Oracle ITA Team Rankings of the 2021 dual match season, the Texas Longhorns check in at No. 1. The Horns defeated Pepperdine (prev. No. 5) in a 4-3 battle for the NCAA title and as a result secured the top spot in the rankings. Coach Joffe’s team was virtually unstoppable during the spring season. The program’s sole loss came in the ITA National Team Indoors Championship to UNC. After that match in mid-February, the Longhorns were unstoppable. During their NCAA run, they downed Arizona State (prev. No. 31), Ohio State (prev. No. 16), Florida State (prev. No. 7), NC State (prev. No. 6), and Pepperdine.

Rounding out the top five are UNC, Pepperdine, Georgia, and UCLA. The Tar Heels reached the semifinals of the NCAA Championship before falling to Pepperdine. The loss broke their 48 match win streak. Georgia and UCLA both reached the Elite Eight of the tournament.

The final Oracle ITA Division I Singles and Doubles Rankings will be released Wednesday, June 2nd.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Rankings

Top 75 National Teams
Final Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
May 26, 2021

1University of Texas at Austin31-1Auto No. 1
2North Carolina30-192.264
4University of Georgia23-271.011
6NC State20-664.562
7Florida State University19-662.337
8Duke University18-755.132
9University of Virginia16-754.288
10Georgia Tech20-1153.476
12Ohio State University23-451.386
14Baylor University24-550.062
15Texas A&M University21-849.982
16University of Michigan19-448.99
18University of Tennessee17-943.681
19University of Florida13-843.28
20University of Miami (Florida)15-940.389
21Northwestern University19-639.826
22Auburn University14-938.303
24University of Oklahoma15-735.513
25University of Kentucky16-933.968
26University of South Carolina12-1232.89
27University of Southern California13-1132.736
28University of Mississippi11-1031.709
29Vanderbilt University14-1031.381
30Old Dominion University13-530.087
31Arizona State University15-929.556
32Texas Tech University16-928.809
33Wake Forest University12-1328.277
34Iowa State University14-824.307
35Furman University21-723.188
36University of Arkansas11-1121.603
37University of San Diego15-518.009
38Florida International University (FIU)12-217.48
39Oklahoma State University11-1217.414
40Rice University15-716.634
41University of Iowa13-716.309
42Mississippi State University11-1316.242
43University of Washington15-816.127
44Syracuse University8-1215.59
46University of Oregon13-814.623
47University of Alabama12-1314.429
48University of Tulsa15-714.109
49University of North Florida17-813.75
50UC Santa Barbara13-413.731
51University of Nebraska11-612.856
52Florida Atlantic University10-711.698
54University of Denver14-411.12
55Washington State University14-1611.114
56University Of Illinois9-910.658
57University of Notre Dame11-1310.183
58University of Kansas8-1310.168
59James Madison University14-48.403
60University of Louisville8-138.351
61University Of Colorado9-128.281
62Cal Poly14-38.103
63San Jose State University15-28
64University of Wisconsin, Madison8-117.225
65Univ. of Missouri, Columbia15-167.215
66Penn State University10-87.083
67University of Arizona13-126.889
68Univ. of San Francisco12-76.701
70Kansas State7-126.355
72Gonzaga University13-85.805
73Clemson University9-155.757
74Brigham Young University15-95.452
75University of Houston15-85.273
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