The ITA staff and the ITA Board of Directors recognize the importance of technology as it relates to the business of the ITA and as a result have made technology a top priority within the strategic plan of the Association. Over the last five years, we have implemented improvements to our technology platforms – the website, membership, and competition tools – and have always focused on the coach experience. 

Most of our tech priorities have been based on feedback from coaches and their desire to have all membership and competition functionality captured on one platform with a single username and password (i.e., “single sign-on”); to provide a tournament management system to directors of ITA sanctioned events; to have a single go-to location where coaches, players, and fans can view draws and follow along with ITA sanctioned events as they occur in real-time; and provide a more professional look and interactive experience for users of the ITA competition tools platform.

We are now prepared to present to ITA member coaches our new initiative to have all membership and competition tools in the same location – the ITA Team Workspace. This will replace R2 – effective immediately. 

As with any new technology, there will be areas where we can continue to improve and we will always seek your feedback on how to make systems better. We are committed to providing ITA member coaches the best support possible during our transition to our new tools and we appreciate patience during this transition to a new platform to collaboratively advance our sport. 

We continue to work diligently to develop our competition tools so that ITA member coaches can manage their ITA membership, sanction and run tournaments, manage their roster, and add results – all on the ITA Team Workspace. 

New features will continue to be provided over the course of the next few months, including the ability to schedule dual matches and enter dual match results. If you participate in dual matches prior to the release of this feature, you will be able to retroactively enter those dual match results once the feature becomes available.

Prior to using these new tools, coaches must renew their ITA Team Membership. To renew a ITA Team Membership, click here. We encourage coaches to pay by credit card if possible.

Coaches will receive registration links to sign-up for educational webinars via email. All webinars will be recorded and uploaded on the Coaches Resources site (log-in required). The Coaches Resources site will also contain FAQs to help coaches through issues they might run into.

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