William Woods University – Women’s Tennis Graduate Assistant


JOB TITLE: Women’s Tennis Graduate Assistant
DEPARTMENT: Athletics/Tennis
REPORTS TO: Head Tennis Coach


The duties of the Graduate Assistant Tennis Coach will be to assist the Head Tennis Coach in all areas of the operations of the tennis program.  This will include, but not be limited to, the items listed in this job description.
The term of this job description is from the beginning of August until the end of May, or the academic year as outlined by William Woods University.  However, room and tuition continue year-round.


  • Assist in player development, training, and recruitment.
  • Selected individual must be able to effectively communicate his/her understanding of the game.
  • Must be able to work closely and fairly with both the Head Coach and other Graduate Assistant.
  • Understand training sessions and drills.
  • The individual may be asked to solely run practices; therefore, the individual must be competent, accountable, and responsible to run training sessions.
  • Selected individual must be able to efficiently translate the instructions of the Head Tennis Coach.
  • Selected individual must be flexible and adaptable to changes in training sessions.
  • Selected individual must be able to follow directions (either verbal, written, or implied) by the Head Tennis Coach.
  • Selected individual must be able to publicly support all decisions of the Head Tennis Coach and be supportive of the Vision of the Head Tennis Coach.
  • Selected individual must be able to maintain an appropriate, consistent, and fair level of discipline as defined by the Head Tennis Coach.

Administrative Duties:

  • Selected individual must maintain consistent office hours as agreed upon by the Head Tennis Coach and selected individual.
  • Selected individual is expected to keep an accurate accounting of all statistical data required by the Head Tennis Coach. This includes game day statistics and training statistics.
  • Selected individual will assist in the tracking and maintenance of all equipment (strings, grips, racquet stringing, balls, and baskets).
  • Selected individual will be responsible for pre-game activities to include coordination of transportation and accommodation.
  • Selected individual will be responsible (and assisted by team managers) for game day activities to include setup and breakdown of equipment and gear.
  • Selected individual may be called upon for community service and fundraising activities to include planning, coordination of, implementation of, and supervision.
  • Selected individual will be responsible for supervision and attendance tracking of Study Tables and required extra study sessions.


  • Ability to feed tennis balls and hit balls with players
  • Ability to climb several flights of stairs several times each day and move freely on campus
  • Ability to crouch, kneel, bend, or stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to spend time outdoors
  • Ability to speak and read English fluently
  • Ability to hear
  • Ability to use a computer keyboard and phone
  • Effective mobility skills required to move about freely and quickly in office and on campus
  • Must meet the requirements of the William Woods University vehicle policy


  • Graduate Assistants work an average of 25 hours per week; more during the spring tennis season and less during the off season.
  • The Graduate Assistant is not required to work during the summer months, but may continue to take classes.
  • Applicants need to have a drivers license or intent to receive drivers license in Missouri.


This is a 10-month position beginning August and ending in May. Tuition and food are both paid for. This position does not include board or room.

William Woods University is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Interested candidates, please email Head Tennis Coach Chance Joost at chance.joost@williamwoods.edu or call and leave a message at 785-220-1291.

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