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Do you think you have what it takes to work at Pocono Springs Camp? 

Experience the most rewarding summer of your life! Work and make friends with 80+ people from around the world AND have the opportunity to inspire kids every single day! At Pocono Springs, prepare yourself to get outdoors and step away from technology as you build real-life skills relatable to any future career ambitions! 

We’re looking for responsible, enthusiastic, and spirited individuals who can serve as role models, mentors, and coaches at camp for summer 2022. 

The Pocono Springs Camp experience is 6 1/2 weeks long, with 10 days of orientation and 5 weeks of traditional summer camp. You will get the opportunity to contribute to making incredible memories, all while having the summer of a lifetime! We pride ourselves on our staff satisfaction, and we make it a priority to provide constant support to our counselors! So get ready for the hardest job you’ll ever love! 

Our counselors work in teams of 3-4, living, eating, playing, dancing, singing, and supervising 7-12 campers throughout the summer. Along with their activity role, they keep close tabs on bunk cleanliness, campers’ hygiene, and mealtime habits to ensure the health and happiness of the kids in their care for the 5 weeks. 

To be a successful counselor, you must possess the following qualities: patience, fairness, playfulness, eagerness to participate, compassion, listening and communication skills, and a genuine desire to give the kids their best summer ever. Camp Counselors can have a profound impact on the campers they lead. It is a position that demands incredible responsibility and care, and you will be on call 24/7. But it will be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have! 

Our Tennis program is for all levels, our campers are aged 7 to 16. Our philosophy for our Athletics programming is for our campers to learn new, and develop upon, skills and have a lot of fun along the way! Our Tennis coaches will work with our campers through the mechanics of Tennis and help them improve. Focusing on safety, technique and fun. 

In this role you will: 

  • Live in a cabin with a group of 6 – 12 children and 2 co-counselors. 
  • Provide high quality Tennis instruction 
  • Will provide age-specific activities/drills that represent the age of the campers you are working with.
  • Be a great role model to all campers you interact within your program area. 
  • Will be creative and innovative in keeping your program area fresh and exciting. 
  • When not instructing in your specialized area you will be fulfilling the cabin specialist role with your group of campers. 

We are looking for skilled athletes to coach our campers in these areas and pass along your skills, sportsmanship and love for your sport.

To apply, contact Tara Bannerman tara@poconospringscamp.com

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