About Oracle

Oracle Corporation is a technology company based in Redwood Shores, California. Oracle builds comprehensive and fully-integrated cloud solutions, enabling technological agility to its 420,000 customers around the globe. Oracle is committed to supporting the development of the collegiate tennis community and providing assistance for student athletes on the path to their professional athletic careers. Former Oracle CEO Mark Hurd was a tennis player at Baylor University and a lifelong tennis supporter. Throughout his career, he stressed the importance of supporting collegiate programs and recognizing outstanding achievements in students. Mark Hurd fueled the introduction of the Oracle Challenger series, a sequence of tournaments aimed at helping up-and-coming tennis players transition from college tennis into the professional realm and gain more experience.

In partnership with the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, Oracle has sponsored several ITA collegiate titles for both singles and doubles, including the Oracle Collegiate Tennis Challenge, The Oracle/ITA Masters, and the Oracle/ITA Arthur Ashe Jr./All-Star Outing. Oracle’s partnership with the ITA has also expanded into American junior tennis, with the introduction of The Oracle/ITA Junior Masters Championship, a series of tournaments for American junior tennis players that progress from regional level-based play to a high-level national championship.

In 2017, Oracle created the Oracle US Tennis Awards, a $100,000 grant awarded to one male and one female professional tennis player to assist in the transition from collegiate tennis to professional tennis. Each player must have played collegiate tennis prior to playing professionally in order to be considered, and must display an aptitude for success and has demonstrated extraordinary sportsmanship during their pro tour.