Coach Education

Masterclass, Drill Space, Mentorship

Coach Masterclass

The ITA Coach Masterclass was designed to be a crash course on everything a coach needs to know in order to excel at their job. Coaches can look forward to a wide variety of topics — anything from fundraising to building your own facility to team culture. Each chapter will contain a Masterclass video along with related ITA podcasts, ITA webinars, past ITA Coaches Convention sessions, and articles.

Coaches’ Drill Space

The College Coaches Drill Space was created for college coaches to share their drills with one another. The goal is for every coach to submit one drill which would create an incredible repository of drills for our member coaches. (Sign-in required.)

Coach Mentorship

The ITA & USTA have partnered on a ten-month mentorship program to prepare the next generation of college coaches.

Additional Coach Education Resources

  • ITA Coach Education Newsletter: If you are not receiving this email every 3 weeks, please contact
  • ITA New Coach Support Group: email for more information
  • ITA Coaches Convention: Follow along for updates
  • ITA College Tennis Coaches Podcast: Listen here or download from your favorite podcast streaming service



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