Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Team Rankings — February 25, 2020


In the Oracle ITA Division I Women’s Team Rankings, Stanford began to climb back towards the top of the rankings after defeating Texas 4-3 on the road. The Cardinal moved from No. 12 to No. 6. NC State leapfrogged Texas to take the No. 3 spot in the country this week.

No. 21 Columbia saw a major rise in the rankings (previously 51). The Wildcats of Kansas State clawed up 12 spots to No. 38.

The University of San Diego (32), Yale (35), Northwestern (41), Utah (45), Alabama (47), and Appalachian State University (49) enter the rankings for the first time this season.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Rankings

Top 50 National Teams
Computerized Rankings administered by the ITA
February 25, 2020

RankTeamAvgPrev. Rank
1North Carolina86.841
2Florida State University70.0752
3NC State62.1154
4University of Texas at Austin61.3893
5Ohio State University58.9836
7Duke University55.47210
9University of Georgia53.6798
10Georgia Tech52.77811
11Princeton University51.1275
12Wake Forest University47.59619
13University of Virginia45.1729
14Oklahoma State University40.23113
15University of Notre Dame33.332
16University of Michigan32.58616
18University of Miami (Florida)28.85527
19Baylor University27.04818
20Vanderbilt University27.03617
21Columbia University26.46851
22University of Wisconsin, Madison26.22621
23University of Tennessee25.526
24University of Mississippi24.46628
25University of Central Florida23.93414
26Arizona State University23.7524
27Texas A&M University23.51929
28University of Washington20.93320
29Old Dominion University19.05923
30University of South Carolina18.57830
31University of Southern California17.18322
32University of San Diego15.323NR
33University of Tulsa14.76236
34University of Denver14.51233
35Yale University14.412NR
37Furman University14.24639
38Kansas State13.93550
39University of Kentucky13.06138
40Virginia Tech12.71435
41Northwestern University12.444NR
42Clemson University12.14137
43Washington State University12.09734
44Syracuse University11.86925
45University Of Utah11.373NR
46Purdue University11.28244
47University of Alabama11.235NR
48Auburn University11.09431
49Appalachian State University10.414NR
50University of Kansas10.14542
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