One-on-One Doubles tennis is a cross-court singles game including the doubles alley. There is a divisible court boundary drawn through the middle of the court – from the service line to the baseline.

Players are awarded a two-point bonus for winning volleys and overheads the opponent cannot touch or reach. This format has been featured at the ITA Coaches Convention over many years. 

College players looking for a competitive outlet and a chance to win some prize money can visit the One-on-One Doubles website to learn more and find an upcoming event in their area.

Upcoming One-On-One Doubles Shootouts

  • Bonnie Briar CC in Larchmont, NY
    • Saturday, Oct. 10th
    • Entry fee: $45
    • Tournament Director: Ryan Horn, 347-809-1853 or
    • Prize money: $500 (champion), $150 (finalist)
  • Bill Cockrell Tennis Center, Shreveport, LA

If you are interested in hosting a One-On-One Doubles Shootout please contact Ed Krass at 813-684-9031 or

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