During last week’s pause of the Division I singles and doubles rankings, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association conducted meetings with our staff, coaches, ITA coach governance committees, conference officials, and the NCAA regarding steps for moving forward.
The following points were major takeaways from those conversations:

  • There is agreement that this pandemic year has been and continues to be an “unusual” year and that these types of rankings and selections issues are affecting multiple NCAA sports, not just tennis.
  • Strength in leadership can manifest itself through prudent reflection in evaluating an institution’s normal procedures, especially during an unprecedented year like 2021.
  • It remains clear that there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue concerning identifying rankings outliers and how to properly address these players.
  • A simple solution that attempts to balance all of the various interests and includes consensus support is currently not available.

The ITA will continue the publishing of computer team, singles and doubles rankings along with the ITA Coaches Team Poll. We should note that the NCAA has requested the Coaches Team Poll for the purpose of review and in the spirit of transparency, we have decided to continue publishing that poll. It is also important to note that, at this point, the NCAA has not requested any other new metrics regarding singles and doubles rankings outside of historical data.

The Oracle ITA Division I Women’s Team Rankings and Doubles Rankings were also released Wednesday.

Oracle ITA Rankings Logo

Oracle/ITA Division I Women’s Rankings

Top 125 National Singles
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
April 14, 2021

1Emma NavarroUniversity of Virginia16-168.361
2Sara DaavettilaNorth Carolina14-167.258
3Estela Perez-SomarribaUniversity of Miami15-266.19
4Katarina JokicUniversity of Georgia23-161.29
5Anna RogersNC State19-552.279
6Kenya JonesGeorgia Tech16-750.976
7Abigail ForbesUCLA15-142.109
8McCartney KesslerUniversity of Florida15-241.418
9Natasha SubhashUniversity of Virginia14-439.812
10Giulia PaironeFlorida State University13-735.61
11Katarina KozarovFurman University19-131.692
12Irina Cantos SiemersOhio State University17-430.721
13Alexa NoelUniversity of Iowa21-029.533
14Viktoriya KanapatskayaSyracuse University9-528.785
15Carolyn CampanaWake Forest University8-428.606
16Meg KowalskiUniversity of Georgia20-128.299
17Isabella PfennigUniversity of Miami14-327.634
18Victoria FloresGeorgia Tech16-626.237
19Bunyawi ThamchaiwatOklahoma State University16-425.571
20Makenna JonesNorth Carolina13-123.942
21Jessica FaillaPepperdine10-223.636
22Valeriya ZelevaUCF9-222.681
23Cameron MorraNorth Carolina13-521.55
24Tatiana MakarovaTexas A&M University21-521.218
25Anna TuratiUniversity of Texas at Austin16-320.578
26Sabina MachalovaUniversity of Mississippi15-720.436
27Emma AntonakiMississippi State University15-420.374
28Rebeka StolmarUCF9-520
29Alana SmithNC State16-819.865
30Christina RoscaVanderbilt University14-419.467
31Peyton StearnsUniversity of Texas at Austin13-518.962
32Janice TjenUniversity of Oregon16-318.137
33Ayana AkliUniversity of Maryland, College Park12-317.445
34Chloe BeckDuke University15-417.215
35Indianna SpinkUniversity of Arkansas15-616.667
36Alexa GrahamNorth Carolina8-216.581
37Isabella HarvisonUniversity of Alabama5-316.22
38Fiona CrawleyNorth Carolina22-016.083
39Meible ChiDuke University19-316
40Emmanuelle SalasFlorida State University7-815.846
41Michaela GordonStanford8-415.217
42Kelly ChenDuke University10-914.8
43Georgia DrummyDuke University14-414.607
44Marlee ZeinUniversity of Florida10-714.377
45Akvilė ParažinskaitėUniversity of Kentucky17-1113.168
46Kari MillerUniversity of Michigan13-413.085
47Yulia StarodubstevaOld Dominion University9-113.077
48Vanessa WongUniversity of Washington15-412.809
49Anna CampanaWake Forest University6-1012.687
50Mia HorvitUniversity of South Carolina10-811.922
51Paris CorleyLSU17-411.788
52Alisa SolovevaTCU2-111.719
53Megan DaviesUniversity of South Carolina10-711.448
54Morgan CoppocUniversity of Georgia19-511.243
55Taylor BridgesLSU13-1010.953
56Carly BriggsUniversity of Tennessee14-1310.883
57Alana WolfbergOklahoma State University13-810.783
58Haley GiavaraCalifornia10-810.367
59Tiphanie FiquetUniversity of Mississippi14-710.034
60Lea MaUniversity of Georgia11-410.012
61Eleni LoukaClemson University6-109.934
62Kylie CollinsUniversity of Texas at Austin12-29.855
63Marta GonzalezUniversity of Georgia11-19.846
64Mel KrywojBaylor University18-109.789
65Salma EwingUniversity of Southern California13-39.692
66Bronte MurgettUniv. of Missouri15-79.637
67Tatsiana SasnouskayaOld Dominion University10-29.538
68Selin OvuncAuburn University12-109.507
69Marie NorrisTCU19-79.372
70Carolyn AnsariAuburn University13-109.311
71Layne SleethUniversity of Florida7-18.816
72Lulu SunUniversity of Texas at Austin14-28.471
73Carmen CorleyUniversity of Oklahoma15-138.469
74Solymar CollingUniversity of San Diego10-38.349
75Rebeka MertenaUniversity of Tennessee14-128.034
76Margarita SkriabinaTexas Tech University18-27.941
77Charlotte ChavatiponUniversity of Texas at Austin19-17.833
78Ruxi SchechCharlotte13-47.807
79Ivana CorleyUniversity of Oklahoma17-117.781
80Jenna ThompsonClemson University11-107.481
81Mercedes AristeguiTCU20-97.357
82Michaela BayerlovaWashington State University9-97.329
83Eleonora MolinaroUniversity of Tennessee3-77.287
84Emma SheltonUniversity of South Carolina11-106.887
85Linda HuangRice University7-46.854
86Elise Van HeuvelenUniversity of Iowa17-36.847
87Sophie AbramsUniversity of Memphis11-86.839
88Rosie JohansonUniversity of Virginia16-46.756
89Martina OkalovaUniversity of Tulsa12-36.727
90Tereza JanatovaUniversity of Mississippi11-36.675
91Maria ShusharinaNorthwestern University9-116.648
92Rachel HanfordUniversity Of Minnesota9-86.647
93Paola DelgadoVCU14-36.457
94Clarissa HandNorthwestern University14-76.33
95Lesedi JacobsUniversity of Kentucky11-76.305
96Livia KrausBaylor University25-46.258
97Dana GuzmanUniversity of Oklahoma15-26.146
98Federica TrevisanRice University14-66.045
99Jackie NylanderSMU11-85.943
100Andrea Di PalmaUniversity of Louisville9-95.88
101Malkia NgounoueUniversity of Kansas19-115.652
102Laura LopezBoston College7-65.648
103Marina AlcaideFIU9-05.6
104Julia AdamsFurman University17-65.539
105Safiya CarringtonLSU10-95.521
106Holly HutchinsonOld Dominion University5-85.435
107Kylie WilcoxBoston College4-75.364
108Kaitlin StainesTexas Tech University10-115.325
109Guzal YusupovaSyracuse University3-85.191
110Evgeniya LevashovaUCF7-45.155
111Sahaja YamalapalliSam Houston State University17-05.133
112Jelena LukicUniversity of Arizona13-85.044
113Mariia KozyrevaSaint Marys College of California9-15.034
114Page FreemanUniversity of Notre Dame10-95.021
115Reilly TranNorth Carolina15-05
116Yu ChenAuburn University12-114.979
117Sara NayarUniversity Of Colorado8-94.977
118Ilze HattinghArizona State University10-64.969
119Nika KozarVirginia Tech6-144.955
120Gala MesochoritouUniversity of Michigan16-04.95
T121Jaedan BrownUniversity of Michigan16-24.915
T121Ahmeir KyleXavier University10-34.915
123Elizabeth ScottyNorth Carolina9-34.902
124Elysia BoltonUCLA6-14.769
125Kristina NovakUniversity of Nebraska12-64.744
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