The final ITA Rankings before the 2021 NCAA Division I Championships have been released on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. This release includes national team, singles and doubles rankings.

The final national team rankings of the season will be released on May 26, 2021 with the final national singles & national doubles rankings of the season to be released on June 2, 2021. Regional rankings will be released at a later date to be determined.

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Oracle/ITA Division I Men’s Rankings (Computerized Rankings)

Top 50 National Teams
Computer Rankings administered by the ITA
May 5, 2021

1Baylor University29-483.326
2University of Florida20-281.085
3University Of Tennessee24-374.511
4University of Texas20-574.244
5University of Virginia21-274.106
6North Carolina19-372.279
8Texas A&M University16-863.687
9Wake Forest University28-657.043
11University of Georgia14-654.914
12University of Southern California20-652.235
13University of South Carolina15-951.062
14University of Mississippi11-1044.944
15University of Kentucky18-744.806
16Mississippi State University16-941.294
17University of Illinois21-240.136
18University of Arizona19-738.972
19Oklahoma State University9-1135.308
20Arizona State University16-834.844
21Stanford University10-534.549
22Tulane University14-733.073
24NC State11-832.38
25Texas Tech University12-731.236
26University of Alabama14-1130.96
27University of Oklahoma10-1429.42
29Virginia Tech12-928.222
30Georgia Tech13-927.754
31University of South Florida16-926.037
32Duke University12-1025.716
33Wichita State University15-825.336
34University of Notre Dame14-1025.295
35Ohio State University20-325.053
36Virginia Commonwealth University17-424.271
37University of Oregon16-623.364
38University of Memphis9-822.098
39University of Miami (Florida)8-1019.492
41Western Michigan University22-118.644
42Middle Tennessee State University17-718.524
43University of Arkansas10-1418.298
44Liberty University20-717.63
45University of Denver16-317.044
47Auburn University7-1515.713
48University of Tulsa11-1215.673
49University of Michigan15-414.687
50University Of Utah18-1212.562
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